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A Kirk/Spock challenge community

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A Kirk/Spock Challenge Community

Relativity is a Star Trek community challenge that explores the different perspectives fans bring to the Kirk/Spock relationship.

The theory of relativity states that how an observer perceives time and space depends on their point of view. Similarly, how we interpret words and ideas changes because of our own unique points of view.

So what happens if you're asked to create something based on a few simple prompts? What happens if someone else is asked to do the same thing? Will your creations run parallel to each other, or diverge so widely the only thing they have in common is where they started? (If you've ever seen the show Chopped, that's the general idea!)

How does it work?

This round:

Members of the community submit prompts and/or sign up to participate. For round one, the prompts are based on these four categories:

a location
an object
an event or activity
miscellaneous (these can be classic tropes, another object, an adjective - anything you want!)

After the submission and signup period, the prompts will be randomized within their categories into sets of four. Participants will each receive a random prompt set for inspiration, with more than one participant being assigned to the same set.

The participants with the same sets will post their creations on the same day. Did they aim for a serious plot, or a cracky one? Were their tones similar, or completely different? How did they include the elements of their prompts? How did they each choose to approach the K/S dynamic? That's what we'd like to find out!

When does the challenge take place?

Currently, our schedule is planned as follows:

May 1: prompt submissions and signups begin
May 10: prompt submissions and signups end
May 12: prompts assigned
June: write like monkeys on typewriters (Or paint/vid/draw!)
July 1: posting begins

Exact posting dates will depend on participation; for example, if we get enough signups for three sets of prompts, we'll have three posting days that are spaced evenly apart, with a week or less in between. A more definite posting schedule will be made after signups are over.

What are the rules?

1. No wank. Keep any discussions mature and respectful.
2. Commenting on any and all fills will be rewarded with internet cookies.
3. If you participate, try your best to include all your prompts in some small way. Making at least one of them a major plot point is even better!
4. Obviously, your creation should have something to do with K/S! Whether it's friendship, preslash, first time, or established relationship is up to you.