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Group 10, Seven Minutes in Heaven

Title: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Author: creampuffsteph
Universe: STXI (AU)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,537
Genre: humor, romance, teenage angst (that totally deserves its own genre i think)
Warnings: none really.
Summary: Spock attends a house party with Nyota, hosted by none other than Jim Kirk
Group: 10
Prompts: closet, photograph, pagan ritual, bullies
A/N: uhhhh oops? let's pretend this was posted when it was supposed to, shall we?

Bad enough he did not have many friends, especially ones that would attend a Jim Kirk party

Round 1 Wrap-Up and Masterpost

A huge thank you to all of the participants in the first round of the K/S Relativity Challenge!  Thanks to you, the K/S fandom now has 11 fabulous and creative new fics inspired by the prompting craziness.  A masterpost of all of them below the cut.  Feel free to leave your feedback about round 1 and the future of this challenge community in the comments section!
Masterpost after the cut.Collapse )

Theory of Relativity

Title: Theory of Relativity
Author: Trista_zevkia
Chapter: 1/2
Fandom: Star Trek, 2009 Movie
Characters/Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: PG-17
Warnings: SLASH POV Changes at a break in the thing, Familiarity with Episode 'Journey to Babel' is probably required. Sorry.
tropeFirst time, third person matchmaker
Summary: Sarek sees something suspicious.
Disclaimer: All monies made will be converted to intergalactic space credits, since gold pressed bars of platinum are a nuisance to carry in zero-g.
Author's Notes: There's something to be said for relatives... It has to be said because it's unprintable!
-- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

For STRelativity challenge.
Your prompts are: closet, photograph, pagan ritual, bullies.
Your group number is: 10
Your posting date is: July 22

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Group 9 | Coming Home

Title: Coming Home
Author: meteorfire
Universe: ST Reboot
Rating: G
Word count: 386
Genre: Hurt/comfort
Warnings: None
Summary: When Jim comes home after being gone for years, he immediately falls into bed.
Group: 9
Prompts: childhood bedroom, a holo, mandatory leave after 5-year mission, turning telepathic
Link: Fic

Group Seven, A Little Back

Title: A Little Back
Author: jessica_hobe
Universe: STXI
Rating: G
Word count: 3,428
Summary: Spock has lost a lot, with some help Jims able to give a little back.
Group: 7
Prompts: New Vulcan, Notebook, Birthday, Fireworks

Warnings: Unbetaed - sorry.

No matter how many times Jim saw Ambassador Sarek he didn’t think he would ever get used to being in the Vulcan’s intimidating presence. He immediately straightened up hands behind his back in a pose he hoped made him look more official. Sarek raised an eyebrow at this.Collapse )

Group 7, Still Life

Title: Still Life
Author: spilledstardust 
Universe: STXI
Rating: pg13
Word count: 31,203. Yes, you read that right, and yes, I got a little carried away.
Genre: drama, tragedy, angst
Warnings: major character death and all the baggage that entails.
Summary: After a long and happy life together, Jim has died and Spock struggles to learn how to live without him.
Group: 7
Prompts: New Vulcan, notebook, birthday, fireworks.
Link: Part One, subsequent parts linked within.

(sorry this is a little late in the day! I was having some issues with formatting and the whole HP craziness today wasn't helping :p )

Group 10, Not What It Looks Like

 I'm a bit early, but I won't have a chance to post on my appointed day - I apologize for the weird format, I'll try to fix it when I get back.
Eh, I am so new to this, moderators are more than welcome to fix anything that is wrong with this post ^^'

Title: Not What It Looks Like
Author: sanwall
Universe: Star Trek Reboot/XI/Abramvers
Rating: PG-13, maybe?
Word count: ~5000
Genre: Drama, humor, romance
Warnings: Soapy Kirk, Tarzan-Kirk and Wet Kirk. And Spock. I think that half-Vulcan should come with a warning label of his own..
Summary: Five times it wasn’t what it looked like, and one time it totally was - a tale of Captain Kirk’s unrecorded clumsiness.
A story where I basically tried to cram as many clichés as I could, because there's a reason they're clichés! (It's fanon fact that the Captain and the Second in command share a bathroom, right?)
Group: 10
Prompts: closet, photograph, pagan ritual, bullies

Click for fic

Group 6, The Box

Title: The Box
Author: idvo 
Universe: Star Trek Reboot
Rating: Mature
Word count: ~10,000
Genre: Drama, humor, action-adventure, romance
Warnings: none
Summary: The Enterprise has to drop off a few supplies at a nearby colony, and Kirk was looking forward to the lull in activity. Finally, a chance to spend some time with Spock. However, between McCoy hounding him to complete his athletic evaluation, and the appearance of strange and destructive aliens, Kirk can’t seem to spend more than a few short moments with him.
Group:  6
Prompts: alleyway, box, athletic evaluations, quartermaster
Link: Part One, Part Two

eta: added 'drama' category; added links to both parts, instead of just the first one

Group 5, untitled.

Title: n/a
Artist: cannedebonbon
Universe: ST XI, AU
Rating: All-ages
Warnings: None
Group: 5
Prompts: catwalk (engineering scaffolding), purple thistle, family reunion, feral!Spock

Link to art: http://cannedebonbon.livejournal.com/103809.html

group 2 (sorry I'm a little late)

Title: A Story for the Grandchildren - How the Deninian Man Eater Got Us Together
Author: blumvale 
Universe: Star Trek XI
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3128
Genre: little bit of crack and romance
Warnings: um boy kissing :)
Summary: Spock, Uhura and Kirk get lost on an alien planet. And of course it isn't until they reach the temple, that the fun really starts.
Group:  #2 (again, sorry for being a little late)
Prompts: a temple, carnivorous plant, marriage, getting lost

and this hasn't been betad so all errors are mine, yay

epic romance this way :) Collapse )